What is Discord?

discord what is

If you are a PC player or you are very fond of video games, surely you have already heard of Discord or maybe you are already using it. It can be seen as the gamers’ Skype, since this service allows gamers to communicate with each other through audio and text channels. These channels are usually “hosted” on servers dedicated to a specific game or a category of video games. Let’s see together what Discord is and how it works.

Discord is a software that can be installed on your PC or mobile devices (iOS and Android) through the Discord app, or can be used on PC via browser. Its popularity has grown exponentially in recent years, reaching Discord’s 250 million registered users. Most of the users are pc players, but with the release of the mobile app, many PS4 and Xbox players have also joined this great community.

If you are looking for people to play with Fortnite or  Apex Legends , or just a place where to chat with people with whom you share the passion for a game, then you should continue this reading and see with me the many features that Discord offers to you.

Discord, How To Get started?

Once you have created your account, you can decide to connect via browser or install the Discord app. The app, in addition to having a simple interface and an excellent user experience, offers you a lot more features and is essential if you want to create your server.

After the registration, all you have to do is connect with friends or other people, but how? You can just create your server and invite friends and other members to join you, otherwise, you can find a server of your interest and join it.

It’s easy, you can just make a quick google search based on your games of interest, you can accept invitations from Twitch streamers, web pages, forums, themed groups and pages on social media.

Where can I use Discord?

You can use Discord on your browser, or you can install the official Discord app. Installing the Discord app makes your experience with discord more easy and comfortable and allows you the use of implemental and significant functions, such as recording the screen (or a specific window) to share with others, also, the app allows you to manage personalized notifications and to associate to Discord app a webcam or multiple audio devices.

Discord is also available for iOS and Android operating systems and integrates all the features available on the PC app. The use of the Smartphone app is simple and intuitive as well as having the advantage of portability.

Discord is designed for Large Communities

Discord is ideal for managing large numbers of people. When creating a server you can decide to make multiple channels and divide them by topic, as well as being able to assign specific users to access levels to the server. 

Imagine we have a specific game server and we want to allow different players to communicate with each other and be able to exchange iDs to play together. Special channels can be created for console players and pc players. Or you can create specific channels for a type of topic and decide to limit its privileges, for example by setting read-only privileges for users and write privileges for Admin. Also, the management of very large servers can be simplified by introducing bots (don’t worry; we’ll see what they are in a moment).

Discord is ideal  also for Small Groups

Discord works perfectly even with small group, so you have a group of friends with whom you play. Discord is the perfect place to stay connected and organize you to play. It can also show the game you are playing and possibly notify other users when you play it.

Discord is useful for Streamers

If you are a Twitch or YouTube streamer and you want a place where you can “manage” those who follow you, whether they are 10 or 10000 followers, Discord can help you in this too. It gives your followers much more flexibility than a simple Twitch chat.

Also, always for those who stream, there is the possibility of connecting your YouTube and Twitch accounts to Discord and showing those who follow you or the other users when you are playing. By connecting the Twitch and Discord accounts, you can give exclusive access to your followers and subs, for example by creating dedicated channels for them.

Important Features of Discord

Now let’s see in detail what Discord offers compared to the competition: 

  • 100% free communication
  • IP and DDoS protection
  • Browser support (you can try the application even without installing it)
  • Free application for Android and iOS
  • Friends list
  • In-Game Overlay (ability to see who is in voice chat directly from the game)
  • Opus audio codec (excellent in my opinion)
  • Low latency
  • Minimum CPU usage
  • Custom key combinations
  • Smart notifications
  • Permissions
  • Multiple channels
  • Modern fonts
  • Individual volume control (also adjustable directly from the game)
  • Private chat
  • Automatic failover (no data loss) 

What are Discord Bots?

Bots (abbreviation for robots) are also users of Discord servers, and as such, they can only enter them by invitation. The bots are inserted by the server’s admin and allow you to perform various tasks in a completely autonomous way without any human intervention. The most common within Discord is the so-called ChatBots. These are used for example to answer certain commands or preset questions or to automate a certain type of communication, such as a streamer that goes online.

Discord has a list of official Bots and the most used are:

  • Twitch integration: authorize Discord to synchronize your Twitch subs and give them a certain role. The twitch subs will then be able to use your global emotes also within the server.
  • Nightbot: is an excellent chat moderator. By default, it includes a list of inappropriate words or phrases, to which others can be added, and therefore can delete messages, and possibly ban the user, who insults, spam or uses an excessive number of emotes.

In addition to this list provided, there is a much larger library of the so-called unofficial bots, which however integrate a lot of more functionality. However, these are not all free and there is no certainty that they will be updated and new updates will come out with the release of Discord updates.

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