The First UK Rover will Land to the Moon

UK rover to the Moon

SpaceBit has developed a space rover that will land on our permanent natural satellite in 2021: the first UK rover to the Moon will be able to take “selfie robots” and be able to withstand great changes in temperature.

The UK could be the next country to bring a rover to the moon. The United States, Russia and China have succeeded. India’s failed attempt is recent. SpaceBit, an English startup, which has developed a small, small rover, the smallest in the world. It weighs 1 kilo and a half, is a hand in 2021 en it will be part of a mission on the Moon financed by NASA.

How it is made?

The small rover (which looks like a food delivery robot or a big spider) has four legs instead of wheels or tracks and will be able to explore parts of the Moon that other landers cannot reach. But it is tough: it can withstand temperatures ranging from 130 to -130 degrees Celsius.

What it will do?

The Spacebit plan was presented today in London. Pavlo Tanasyuk, founder of the startup, said he is “going and seeing what there is to explore”. Explore and make selfies. Yes, robot selfie. Because the mini rover, Tanasyuk pointed out, also has two cameras. Then it will move on the surface of the Moon taking measurements and collecting exploration data that can be analyzed for scientific purposes.

Tunnel under the Moon

Lava tubes. Spacebit will also be able to move through the so-called lava tubes (tunnels under the surface of the moon that were once thought to have been filled with lava): and it has never been done before. Spacebit will be one of Astrobotic’s Peregrine lander tools (which will carry up to 14 NASA tools and 14 payloads from other partners to the Moon).

Two weeks before freezing

The SpaceBit mission will last for a lunar day (almost two weeks). “He will spend up to 10 days on the moon before freezing forever,” Tanasyuk always said.

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