Translate Online: The Always Improving Google Translate

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The translator, as well as Google Maps, is one of the most revolutionary and useful services that Google provides to the world, capable of instantly translating more than 100 languages.

Google, as a leader in web communication, could not fail to develop one of the most advanced instant translators. 

The outstanding Google Translator has gone from 26 pairs of supported languages ​​to 506 pairs of languages is becoming. Now is grown, in fact, as the best free translation tool on the web.

The new version of Google Translate is a dictionary that supports the automatic translation of texts, words, phrases and web pages between any two of all the languages ​​of the world, including: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Urdu, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and German.

The Google Dictionary is a real dictionary with which you just have to type a term to obtain the translation, related expressions, languages ​​related to the word, web definitions, and exact pronunciation by clicking on a special icon that reproduces the audio. It converts the audio into text through which the system performs translation process. This is called text to speech methodology.

Google Translate translations are used every day by millions of people, both on PC and mobile phones, for various purposes and not only to see what a certain word means or how a particular phrase is translated but to do much more than this.

In this article, we are going to discover the most useful and best features of the Google translator, those that can help in work and study and also when traveling, so as not to be in difficulty with foreign languages.

1. Translate Websites For A Different Language

Google Translate can analyze single words and phrases; therefore, it makes it easy to translate entire websites into a chosen language or from any other language, translate to English, etc.

Although the translation may not be perfect, it gives a good idea of ​​what is written on that site and allows you to use the menus as if it were an English or German website.

To translate a web page there are at least two ways with Google Translate:

  • From Chrome, just press the right button on the page of the open site and choose the Translate option. From the Google translator website, putting the link of the page to be translated.
  • Also, Google also provides an extension for Chrome to translate words on websites without having to translate the whole page.

2. Translating The Documents

From the main Google Translate page, you can also click the option, under the text box on the left, to translate the Word or PDF documents into English or other languages ​​by uploading the files and selecting the language.

3. Create A Phrasebook To Keep

If you use the word “Translate” to translate the elaborate sentences, you should save them to find them as you did at school.

Google Translate allows you to save any translation in your personal phrasebook if you are logged in to your Google account.

To save translations, just press the start button below the translated text box.

To review the saved translations, you must always press on the Google Translate site, the button in the top right in the shape of stars of your favorite phrases.

4. Improve English

With Google translator, you can listen to the translations of each word by voice, read definitions, word classes (name, verb, etc.), synonyms and examples of the use of the word in a sentence.

5. Email translations

Google Translate is integrated into Gmail. So, every time you receive an email with a foreign language text, you can translate it into German or Spanish by pressing the button that appears as an option in the message.

6. Translate Chat, WhatsApp Or Any Other Email From Mobile Phone

Google Translate allows, as noted some time ago, to obtain immediate translations on Android from any app.

This means that if, for example, we are chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook with a foreign person who writes in his own language, it is possible to see translated, every sentence that we receive immediately.

7. The Google Translate Application

The Google Translate application can be used as a voice interpreter and instant translator of Google Translate texts.

A vocal interpreter means being able to speak with a foreigner, speaking our language on the phone and then letting him listen to the translation spoken by the app as if we had an interpreter near us. This is also called voice translation.

The written translator, on the other hand, serves to translate the written text with the camera in real-time which can be very useful when traveling, to see the translations of folders, writings, guides or restaurant menus.

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