Tesla Cybertruck: All You Need To Know

tesla cybertruck

Elon Musk had announced it talking about a vehicle inspired by Blade Runner; and indeed the Tesla Cybertruck, presented last week in Los Angeles, recalls the vehicles used almost forty years ago in Ridley Scott’s visionary film.

Perhaps a bit more angular, but the overall effect is deliberately that of a futuristic pickup, halfway between a batmobile and a spaceship on wheels. And the materials used are also inspired by the space: what Tesla calls an “impenetrable exoskeleton” is in fact made of the same stainless steel alloy used by SpaceX (Musk’s space company) to build Starship, the spaceship with which it should start the mission to Mars.

Tesla Cybertruck, the broken glass

However impenetrable, the structure was not the proof of the facts: during the presentation, to show the bullet-proof resistance even of the glass of the vehicle, Musk launched a metal ball against a window made of Armor Glass. And the glass, while rejecting the “bullet” has been shattered.

“Maybe I pulled a little too strong,” the entrepreneur played down, embarrassed. But the second attempt by designer Franz Von Holzhausen also led to the same result.

200 thousand orders in a week

Despite the worldwide live incident, however, Tesla’s electric pickup had an immediate and resounding success: within a week of the presentation Musk announced that it had already received 200,000 orders, collecting the related deposit ($ 100 per order).

Tesla Cybertruck, the price

Not a little, considering that the production will start only in 2021 and the first deliveries (which will be those for the model with the single engine, at the price of 39 thousand and 900 dollars, and are expected for now only in the USA) are planned not before 2022.

The Tesla CEO explained that 17% of orders are for the single-engine model with rear-wheel drive, 42% for the one with two engines and 4WD (which will cost just under 50 thousand dollars) and 41% for the top of the range with three engines and 4WD (at a price of just under 70 thousand dollars).

Tesla Cybertruck, Technical Characteristics

What are the characteristics that have made this vehicle immediately successful? First of all, of course, design. Secondly the performance: although it is a van with open floor, in fact, the Tesla Cybertruck has an acceleration (from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds for the three engine model) and a speed (209 km / h for the top of the range) from supercars, with a range declared between 400 and 800 kilometers depending on the model, a load capacity of 2,830 liters of volume in the rear body and even 6,350 kilos when towed.

In a post on Twitter, Musk sums up the main features in a few words: “A better van than the Ford F-150, and faster than a Porsche 911”.

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