Sustainable IKEA: renewable energy in the future of the Swedish company

The project for an eco-sustainable IKEA is getting closer, also thanks to investments in renewable energy. In 2030 it will be completely green.

IKEA 100% sustainable for 2030 thanks to renewable energies: the last plans of the Swedish giant aim to produce more electricity than it will be able to consume. The company’s objective is much more ambitious than one might think, since it focuses entirely on sustainable energy sources means considering every step of the supply chain, from raw materials to sales points.

How will IKEA become 100% eco-sustainable

The IKEA project to become more environmentally sustainable borrows some concepts that are very dear to the circular economy: products must be conceived from the beginning with the idea of ​​having the least possible impact on the environment. This does not mean only selecting the raw material, but also imagining reuse, repairs, recycling or even reselling a product. Taking care of all these aspects is not only a matter of environmental calculations but also a new and more modern philosophy in approaching the world that hosts us and that we contribute every day to create.

In addition to this new type of approach for its furniture, for a 100% eco-friendly IKEA the company will have to think of a way to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. To do this the Swedish giant will implement a new type of forestry and agricultural practices: in other words, at some point, IKEA could even get to trap more carbon dioxide than the one emitted. At the same time, solar energy will play a fundamental role to cover the needs of the company, while keeping emissions under control. In short, a wide-ranging project that could have a very positive impact on the way we conceive the great business realities of the world.

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