Is Google Keep the Ultimate To-Do List App?

Google Keep productivity app

Google Keep might be the to-do list app you are looking for as an Android and Chrome user. As a free to-do list app, Google Keep delivers some great features at no cost. It has some great features such as allowing you to use Google Keep dark mode as a preference option. Also, you can use Google Keep offline which is always a plus.


Google Keep is an app that suffers from a large oversight from its target audience. Just like a treasure that is concealed within plain sight, Google Keep is too often skipped too fast. Although many alternatives exist, they could be inferior in some aspects and could fail to offer the pleasant and easy experience in managing all your info and notes that you’ll gain from using Keep. Plus, Google Keep is a free tool and its always ready to use if you have a Gmail account.

Google Keep: The Less Is More Philosophy

Google Keep is a syncing notepad application that works seamlessly with Google Drive. Because of this, Google Keep doesn’t shove features down on users. Instead, it caters towards some specific and effective features that are sure to get interacted with by users. In comparison to its competition, Google Keep is not struggling to give you that wow factor that you could expect from many apps nowadays.

From the likes of Evernote or OneNote, Google Keep is not your “1st quarter of 2019” budgeting app for your business. Google Keep is for simpler things and these simpler things are what make it shine. As an app, it sits in your app drawer or home screen till you need it. You don’t have to be invested in it. Consequently, you’ll have an easier time casually finding yourself using it for all your simple to-do list app needs. With its intuitive User Experience, Google Keep has you in mind with its design.

Do you need to write down groceries, streamline your to-do list, or keep ideas down on paper? Well, Google Keep is for you. The utility it offers in simplicity is second to none. This is why it is so good. Google Keep doesn’t have to force you to know what it can do. It lets you get a feel for what you need from it and you’ll discover that it works exactly as you’d love it to.

Main Features of Google Keep

Whether you use Google Keep on the Web or your mobile device, the interface is clean, attractive, and intuitive. The sidebar shows the menu; navigation is like most Google sites that display application icons, notifications, and your account.

The grid view is perfect for visiting many notes at a glance, while you can use the list view to prioritize the notes from top to bottom.

If you’re new to Google Keep, here you can explore the main features to grasp if you want to jumpstart your productivity thanks to this simple, yet powerful app.

1) Quick Notes

With Google Keep being a quick-notes app, it is fast to access. Yes, really fast! Google Keep does this so well that it even remains lightning fast on older versions of Android. Because of this speed, you don’t have to worry about app loading times. If you have anything to write, simply open the quick-notes and you’ll be good to go.

2) Checklists

Other than the pain textual feature, a Keep note could come in the form of the checklist. This is perfect for the shopping list or every list that contains elements to check off. If you write down this way all your daily tasks, the joy to see them disappear from your list is out of this world.

3) Drawing notes

Google Keep allows you to take a quick note in a freestyle format. If you’re just a visual thinker you can draw a picture, a scheme or a blueprint. This feature is especially useful if you are a tablet user.

4) Voice Notes

The voice notes from Google Keep helps you record and translate your words to text. Because it is using Google’s full Speech-to-text algorithm, Google Keep works extremely well with this feature. So, if you need to quickly make lists or notes, Google Keep has you covered when you don’t want to type.

5) Color Coding

As a to-do list app, Google Keep gives users the chance to distinguish different notes and lists through colors. These colors are what represent different types of notes. For example, green for groceries and blue for school work.

6) Mobile and Desktop

Furthermore, Google Keep is an app that works well on both mobile and desktop. Because of its availability on Android and Chrome, Google Keep poses an advantage over its competition. This application works in real-time to record your notes and makes them available on your other signed-in platforms immediately. So, if you didn’t carry your phone along for a commute, don’t fret, sign-in to Google on any device and you’ll still have full access.

7) Dark Mode

Additionally, Google Keep comes with a very well designed dark mode. This feature is great for low-light scenarios where you might need to quickly confirm if you noted something down without blinding your eyes.

8) Offline Feature

On that note, Google Keep comes with an offline feature. With Google Keep offline, you’ll fully ensure that your notes are always written and ready for you to view, even when the signal is bad.

9) Lightning Speed

The web/desktop version of Google Keep also sports the signature speed that the app is known for. With this, you’ll get a blazing fast note-taking experience that will feel like a natural part of your day.

How to use Google Keep effectively

Google Keep is an app that sports some of the best features you’ll need for note-taking. Its also quite easy to access, therefore, you won’t have a hard time finding a reason to use it. If you want to increase your time on Google Keep, you simply have to try using the simpler things first. For example, the voice notes. If you are on-the-go, bring out your device and record a few thoughts. Later during the day, you’ll get to read them and gain a better appreciation for that feature.

Try labeling your notes according to color codes. When you do this, you’ll have access to specific lists/notes you’ve taken. This will give you an easier time navigating the Google Keep app space. Google Keep allows you to even color code the tasks that have deadlines coming up. This feature allows you to effectively prioritize your tasks on the to-do list application.

Additionally, Google Keep gives you the option to set reminders for yourself. With this option, you’ll get your reminders synced with all your other Google tools. So, your reminder will appear on Google calendar and in your general notifications.


Google Keep is an extremely appealing note-taking app. Because of its extensive features and simplicity, its appeal is definitely noticeable. However, it is still an app for your productivity. Even though it streamlines the process, the end-user is still the main person that has the bulk of the work. Therefore, this free to-do list app is definitely still worth investing some effort to use regularly. Whether on mobile, desktop or tablet, Google Keep is always ready to help your memory trough the daily tasks.

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