Home Solar Battery: How To Consider The Asset’s Useful Life

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Is it convenient to install a small-sized solar panel system equipped with storage?

The question is obvious, but the answer is not: it depends on what is meant by “convenience”.

Let’s take a step back and a look at the overall scope and dependencies implied by the solar home path.

Switching to solar energy home: sustainable for the planet. Also viable for your pocket

Are you considering switching to solar energy? Using this source of energy is the best thing you can do for yourself and your planet. And also, for your wallet. This article will provide some advice regarding the benefits of home solar batteries’ investment.

If you are thinking about employing solar power in your home, you must consider how much direct sunlight your roof is exposed to. If your home is suitable, the long term gain is guaranteed: solar panels can last up to 20 years and beyond. A solar system requires very light maintenance since there are no movable parts. Solar-energy panels usually don’t break or need repair. Just the panels could provide years of electricity bill savings

To jump straight to the conclusions, yes: it should be convenient. Thanks to the savings on electricity not purchased by the network, you will be able to repay the system within its useful life.

Solar batteries (or simply solar storage) are meant to make solar energy available when needed, often after sunset. The electricity generated by your solar system should be saved for self-consumption. If the system creates a more significant amount of electrical energy than the current request, the surplus can flow into the battery charging it.

In the night, you can use the energy stored during the day in the battery. Thanks to the storage systems, it is possible to cover a large part of the domestic energy needs with the energy generated by photovoltaic panels.

Photovoltaic system: a long term investment

As can be seen, as the annual consumption increases, the convenience in the purchase of the accumulation increases, and the return times of the investment are reduced.

The user photovoltaic system size must be adequate: for users with low annual consumption, for example, the savings resulting from increased self-consumption does not have a sufficiently high impact on the already low yearly bill. So it does not cover the investment cost.

On the other hand, for energy-intensive users equipped with small solar systems, self-consumption is already sufficiently high even in the absence of storage systems, and the investment is therefore not very profitable (return times over 10 and 20 years, see the upper right portion of the table).

However, for most of the average and widely energy-intensive users, equipped with adequate solar energy systems, the return on investment time is more than satisfactory, with peaks below 6 years and an average of around 7 years, to be compared with a useful life of the storage system estimated at approximately 20 years (and guarantees on commercial products that typically extend up to 10 years).

These results can further improve as a function of the average daily consumption profile of the individual user: the profitability of the investment, in fact, largely depends on the increase in the percentage of self-consumption deriving from the introduction of the accumulation particularly concentrated in the evening hours.

Let us assume a 35% self-consumption quota — value in line with the statistics and with the information available from accredited sources. The cash flow simulation shows an economic return on the investment in 5-7 years. Even if the customer cannot benefit from the tax deduction, the comparison with financial alternatives remains in favor of solar panels.

Sustainable solar energy powered buildings save money as well as significantly lowering the amount of pollution that impacts the environment. Check into solar energy system for you home now that you understand all the benefits it offers.

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