Coggle Mind Map and FlowChart Tool Review

Mind mapping software and visual thinking tools have become a pretty competitive market. With more and more solutions entering the gate each day, it has become a real confusion which one to go for. Not everyone has enough money or experience to invest in a big and fancy solution, such as Miro. 

Coggle is one of the simplest and cheapest mind mapping tools around. We wondered how it resembles, so here is our detailed review of what it can do and how it accomplishes it. If you are looking to learn what it offers that other similar products do not and how Coggle manages your major brainstorming tasks, we’ve got you covered.

Mind Mapping – Just Another Marketing Trick or More?

The idea of mind mapping may not seem appealing to you. It is perfectly fine, but it just could be the outcome of not knowing enough about the options on the table. After all, we are here to encourage you to look for the solution that answers your needs. And help you to do so in the right way!

Mind mapping is not a usual task. The difficult to overcome is that there are no strict rules to follow when accomplishing the design. What you are essentially doing is adding nodes and explore the connections between them, to express your ideas visually.

A more natural way to think of it would be to implement the brainstorming concepts from high school. Drawing and sketching out the ideas results in a huge success. But there are more effective methods of thinking that could be implemented. Even something as simple as taking notes can be extended to the point where it looks like a whole process.

Back to mind map design, virtual environments make this kind of creative task even more powerful. By giving you a clear overview, easy object manipulation, addition, and removal, or perhaps just some drawing tools, they simplify the process of designing and prototyping. The compelling part, though, is sharing your ideas.

Be it that you are willing to share your ideas with some coworkers or classmates, or you want the whole world to see them and think about them – with the technology as powerful as the internet, everything is possible. Just by typing a specific URL, one has access to all of your ideas. Incredible, right?

For the significant advances and projects such as changing the world, you will need the right knowledge but also the tools. Coggle is one of the companies claiming to be powerful enough to sketch even your ambitious projects, on a budget. But let us examine that a bit more.

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Coggle Software Review: FlowCharts and Brainstorming

The use-case scenarios of Coggle and other mind mapping software are uncountable. The primary one everybody thinks of is brainstorming. What Coggle does differently that it allows the creation of FlowCharts for problem-solving tasks.

FlowChart is great for algorithmic tasks or illustrating a specific process, for example, the step to resolve a customer complain issue. There is not too much flexibility to it, and Coggle keeps it just as simple as the traditional paper and pen way.

Different shapes are around, which are essential to the software. Some unofficial forms are unique to Coggle as well, which could be some stars or trees etc. These do not seem particularly useful, but for illustrating some processes, you can use your own rules, why not?

Colors are a way for your brain to remember things faster. Images are too, just like the emojis! Coggle offers different coloring options for shapes and their branches. It is always good to see complementary colors, which Coggle uses. But the real difference from anything else is the integration of emojis.

Just imagine a situation in which you are illustrating what happens if it is raining. You do not have to make a thousand branches to present the occurrence of an event simple as that. Instead, add a cloud emoji next to an action meaning it is rainy or a sun emoji meaning it is sunny!

If that is not enough, even custom images are supported. There are no limits here either, so the most popular formats all work, and you can upload as many as you wish.

Loops are not that common with this type of software. Coggle supports it, though. Connecting different branches can result in some unexpected results, and one of them is loops. When you need to represent the repetition of a process, just connect your branch to the starting point and make a circular shape.

To map different processes in a single workspace, you can add different central items. Multiple starting points are another strange yet useful feature. This gets interesting when you consider the number of people that can work in the same workspace at the same time, which is what we are showcasing next.

Setup does not exist. Log in, and you are good to go. The moment you start the web-based application, there is a central node already added, without anything in your way. Coggle is a productivity-oriented tool that make it easy to collaborate on the go. By sharing a randomly generated link, anyone who connects can edit your diagrams right away.

Final Thoughts

Coggle is a choice for those with a very limited budget. A personal license costs as low as $5 a month, but it really doesn’t add much to the free one. We would still recommend sticking with the free version for personal use, as almost all the features we’ve mentioned exist in there.

The support service is not something to showcase as its most significant upside. Actually, it is just around average. It exists, to say the least, but the level of care you will find in some more expensive tools is a lot higher than this. By their words, it does change with the Enterprise version of the tool, but for the scope of this review, we were unable to test that out.

In the end, it’s quite surprising there is a tool at such a low cost with such a broad set of features. All the customizability options, different styles, shapes, emojis, images, etc. seem like such a great deal.

Brainstorming is not what it is designed for, at least from our perspective, and for that, we would recommend looking for an alternative.The hand-drawn style may not be appealing to everyone, but we find it inviting and casual and much more natural than the competition. But if FlowCharts are what you are willing to do, look no further than this, at least give it a go!

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