Panic Buying, What is the Psychology Behind Hoarding?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it many hardships. Some of these stresses could have been easily avoided. The turmoil caused by panic buying and hoarding has placed many under undue emotional strain. Understanding the psychological root of this behavior can help us prevent it in the future.

coding for girls

Coding For Girls, What is Code Like a Girl?

While our society continues to strive for equality and fairness, we are still far from finished. A prominent example of this is the gender disparity among programmers. Code Like a Girl is one of the enterprises seeking to close this gap and bring women back into the world of tech.

best remote jobs 2020

Best Remote Jobs of 2020

Remote jobs offer employees and freelancers many more benefits and perks than their conventional counterparts. So, let’s discover the best remote jobs of 2020 and what kind of companies offer remote jobs.

twitch gaming streaming

What Is Twitch, Exactly?

The Twitch story begins in 2007 when Justin Kan had decided to stream his life 24h. Now Twitch is Twitch is both a site and an app for iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and many more. But what is Twitch, Exactly?

discord what is

What is Discord?

If you are a PC player or you are very fond of video games, surely you have already heard of Discord or maybe you are already using it. Let’s see together what Discord is and how it works.

remote work rural areas

The Advantages of Working in Rural Areas

For years we’ve been fed the narrative that the city is the place to be, but how true is that? While there are perks to living in a big city, you can’t ignore the incentives rural communities offer. Rural jobs in particular have many advantages over their urban counterparts.

tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall: Is It Worth Buying?

If you are looking for environmentally friendly energy solutions for your home or business, the Tesla Powerwall is a product you should consider. Discover how it works, how much it costs, and all the benefits the energy storage technology could bring to your home or business.